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Advent time at The New Town Hall will be enjoyed not only families with children this year, but also gourmets will have a chance to come on taste. An integral part will be the French market, rail models, theater and singing performances.

For the sixth year, the New Town Hall will turn into a space filled with the pleasant atmosphere of Advent.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 1st to 2nd December, during the first weekend of the Advent weekend you will welcome advent market from 10 am to 6 pm, offering toys, regional and craft products, originals from designers and artists. You will see theater performances, children's choirs and Vladimir Shusor's drum performance, which you can attend not only as viewers. You will be able to visit the workshops, the longest functional railway tracks models in Prague and the modellers will also come to enjoy it.

"Advent market at New Town Hall has become a traditional meeting place for years. We are also trying to make this year's Advent market on the NTH a place where you will enjoy a quiet pre-Christmas atmosphere ", this is how event is described by director of New Town Hall, Albert Kubišta.

The New Town Hall Advent this year will build on a successful concept where visitors will enjoy a French Advent Market in the courtyard, full of French delicacies, drinks and other Christmas presents. Inside of the City Hall this year, you can again look forward to the cooperation of several partners. The SDV model will ensure the installation of the longest functional dormitory in Prague. At the same time, a number of retailers are offering a wide range of finished and other models.

Design Mode offers a selection of different designers and artists. All designers meet there, so that they will make your adventures easier and together with you, they will spend time in the beautiful premises of the New Town Hall.

Mysterious "Roundhouse" will offer you a second instalation of illuminating objects by Eva Nečasová "Spacelights" called "Journey through night forest", this year will be a new illuminating installation of mushrooms and samorostů and at the same time shining beetles and ghosts, these three-dimensional installations immensely original and unrepeatably add the vaults of the roundhouse and create a fantastic atmosphere that will enchant you.

The New Town Hall will again become "an open and quiet space in the heart of a bustling metropolis". The repertoire of theaters, workshops and children's choirs has stayed in the well-tried and successful program of previous years. From South Bohemia, for example, the Dokola Theater will arrive and Lokvar will represent Prague.

An overview of the sellers:

Al Andalous - natural nuts and dried fruits, but also freshly roasted nuts, without oil, such as hot chilli cashews or finely spiced spicy almonds, and many others will not be a must.

ANES Atelier - jewelry and decorations from the old clocks from Vimperk, inspired by steampunk (watch jewelery). Steampunk is a science-fiction genre focused on technology and steam. Describes the steam-based company as the main energy source.

AMARYLLIS FLOWERS and Decor - floristic studio. Complete floral and decorative service, advent wreaths and Christmas decorations. And if you will be not able to choose from offer, you can easily make them on site by yourself.

Aspoň tohle - original utility objects made of concrete by artistic concrete manufacture

Cool Wood s.r.o. - Favorite games room, mobile workshop with wood and excellent coffee.

Dino Toys - a leading producer of puzzle, board games, cards, dice and other toy assortment on the Czech market. Entertainment for children and adults brings alongside tension, competition and good moods also the opportunity to develop strategic thinking and perception.

Elmavia - a small family publishing house, whose motto is the pleasure of discovering, its own creative work.

English Books For Children - Quality English Books for Kids of All Ages. Original books for young children, schoolchildren, students and their parents. Encyclopedia, educational and interactive publications, adventure books, fairy tales, science fiction and more.

GOMI - Hand-knit and crocheted fashion and crocheted toys.

Happy šperky - original jewelry that are never the same. Thanks to the special colors they are just fantastic.

HUGO CHODÍ BOS - shop in the center of Prague offering traditional Czech toys that will remind you of childhood as well as books, decorations, kits, jigsaw puzzles and children's clothing from young czech artists.

Jihočeský dekorační perník - South Bohemian decorative gingerbread - for thirty years she has been engaged in folk craftsmanship, especially ceremonial pastries (decorative gingerbread, old Bohemian gingerbread, Vizovice pastry) and painting of easter eggs.

Karamelový sen - liquid caramels with taste like christmas, vanilla, coffee, chilli and hot chilli, dried fruit in caramel.

Kávy pitel - Family company with a 10-year tradition, own coffe roaster, coffee shop.

Languedoc - unusual, tasteful, varied and purely gastronomic wines from the six wine regions of France: Alsace, Bordeaux, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Val de Loire and Vallée du Rhone. The wines come exclusively from small winemakers (the smallest of them own only 6 hectares). Wines of all categories, including biodynamic, authentic and non-sulphite wines.

Love + Fun Socks - original colorful, creative and most importantly FUN socks for men and women.

Med do domu - sale of honey liqueurs Ambrosius with a 13-year tradition, syrup with propolis, honey, dried fruits and vegetables.

Medovinka - pure honey, honey with delicacies, honey cookies, own cosmetics, honey lollipops.

Mickeybakeware - quality Czech kitchen products

Nakladatelství MEANDER - an independent publishing house that takes great care of original artwork for children and teenagers, especially the original work and the author's book.

Noe - a Czech manufacturer of non-traditional textile toys made of velvety soft and washable cut terry suitable for the smallest children, which are not only aesthetically interesting but they also have a didactic value.

Pocket Design - original handmade textile fabrics, decorative toilet and beauty bags of various sizes and shapes, textile boxes made by hand quilting technique

Radmil - a Czech brand with production of handbags, bags and fashion accessories.

Ritual Manufactur - production and sale of herbal oils to the body.

ROOYA - Workshop for the production of popular bracelets made of minerals, wood and metal beads, (only at the price of the material).

Skleněný šperk - Glass jewel - Workshop "Glass Flowers for Children and Adults". Workroom and shop with beads for kids. Demonstration of work on burner. Original glass jewelry and animal miniatures.

SPACELIGHTS - Eva Nečasová - Spacelights are the dream-shining objects that have been designed and hand-made by Eva Nečasová since 2011. This year, she will introduce the "Journey through night forest" lighting installation.

Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora - family winery, sale of wine, Rudolf's family returned the honor and glory of the winery in Kutná Hora, whose tradition dates back to the twelfth century.

VIRUNGA - fresh and dried organic fruit from Uganda, coffee, nuts, spices from Tanzania, own chocolate.

The model of the railway will be from MKMŽ Slivenec together with association Zababov.

AWEPE - production of models of small cottages made by laser technology.

ETS - production of metal models of railway in size 0.

FIREBOX - production of paper models.

IGRALET - sales of models and toys. Today we would like to call this product under the name Retro.

SDV Models - production of railway construction set (toy) in size TT and contruction sets of cars, buses, tractors and military equipment in size H0.

SVĚT AUT - sales of metallic models of construction set (toy), aircraft and military equipment.

We continuously add other sellers ...

New Town Hall Advent 2018

When: 1. - 2.12. 2018 from 10 am to 6 am

Where: New Town Hall, Karlovo nám. 1/23, Praha 2


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Production: Václav Beznoska, phone: +420 725 537 024, email: beznoska@nrpraha.cz

Media: Jana Byzoňová, phone: +420 724 819 363, email: byzonova@nrpraha.cz

Partners of the event: City District Prague 2, Association of Regional Marks, SDV Model, Design Mode


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