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The exhibition of photographs by Michal Pospíšil.

Galerie v přízemí (Gallery in ground floor )

Exhibition curators: Dana Benešová – Trčková & Robin Brichta

Interface = shared boundary between two communication systems. A notional line, separating something.

Our concept of unclear interfaces defines blurredness of shared boundaries between so – called real world, everyday life of landscapes and cities, and geometric order of their contrasts and lines. Comments Dana Benešová – Trčková. The photographic series includes visual discoveries from both local and foreign places. The pictures arose from a direct encounter with these situations and objects, or as a geometric cutout of a particular visual perception. Acording to the author, the geometric line of the photographs is superior to the technique (digital SLR, digital ultrazoom and cell phone camera), by which the photos were captured.


Michal Pospíšil (*1968)

Studied Czech language and art at Faculty of Education at the Charles University in Prague, but never taught. He spent his entire professional life in the world of marketing. In his free time, he is actively engaged in photography, focusing on minimalism, geometry, architecture and urban photography. Travel photos can also be found in his portfolio.


Open  Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Between 12 am – 1 pm,  30 minutes lunch break



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For more informations: pospisil_michal@seznam.cz  


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