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17th annual of jazz music festival

Detail informations www.jazzbridge.net


The LIVE CONCERT in Prague: Sunday 25th July 2020, New Town Hall - courtyard

on www.youtube.com rudi mazac

The beginning: 7:30 p. m. / LIVE STREEM

Admission is voluntary



 24.07.2021 SATURDAY:
 25.07.2021 NEDĚLE SUNDAY:


Uli Geissendorfer Color – USA /Germany

Featuring Pascale Elia – vocals – Belgium

Rudolf Mazač “KENTONMANIA”

Big Band + 8 French Horns – Prague

Martin Růža - CZ

Vocals   - USA


Martin Růža: https://www.facebook.com/martinruzaofficial/

Rudi Mazač:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Rudi+Mazac 


Patronage: Ing Jaroslav Šolc, Deputy Magor of Prague 2, Municipal District.


The Kentonmania Big Band

founded and led by internationally renowned French horn soloist Rudolf Mazač, has invited prestigious foreign soloists ever since, featuring them on stage at New Town Hall, Prague 2. it was undoubtedly inspired by the exceedingly colorful writing of the progressive American composer Stan Kenton, who became one of the first bandleaders to enhance the classical big band line-up with woodwinds, horns, as well as mellophones. Mazačevolved this vision further by adding a separate section of eight French horns to his orchestra. That is why the Kentonmania Big Band stands out as truly unique all over the world. Ensemble conductor Rudolf Mazač, who exemplifies a distinguished form of French horn playing, first graduated from the Prague Conservatory and then from Berklee Jazz School of Music in Boston. 2005 saw his work honored by the Association of German Musical Union (a member of CISM, comprising a total of 1,5 million musicians from 23 European countries) and HDI Siguration AG with an extraordinary prize, entitled "Motor of Music"

Martin Růža

originally comes from the village of Praskačka near Hradec Králové. He studied piano and clarinet at elementary music school. At the age of fifteen, he started singing in bands and big bands. After graduating from high school, he moved to Prague, wherehegraduated from theconservatory. There he also studied opera singing for one year and then jazz music for threeyears at the VOS Jaroslava Ježka. During his stay in Prague, he began performing with many other bands, big bands and orchestras. With them he performed many times in Europeand also twice in the USA. In 2019 hecompleted his first solo tour of chamber concerts in churches

Uli Geissendoerfer

The pianist, composer, Grammy nominee & and Downbeat Award winner has lived and worked in the US since 1987. In 2009 he left his spiritual home in New York to become the musical director for Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis production in Las Vegas. Dave Loeb asked him to teach at UNLV. There he resurrected the Latin Jazz Ensemble, which has since won five st Downbeat awards, including 1 place in 2015, and founded the Jazz Club. Luminaries such as Wynton Marsalis, Brandon Fields, Sam Most, Rick Margitza, Dick Griffin, Scott Henderson, Danny Gottlieb, George Garzone and many more have performed with his Trio and Quartet. The opening tune of his st th album “3-41” won 1 place at the 13 IMA awards. He has worked with, among others, William Cepeda (Grammy nomination), Groove Collective, Giovanni Hidalgo, Blood Sweat & Tears, Leslie Uggams, Cirque du Soleil, Ute Lemper, David Cassidy, Tito Puente, several Symphonies, the Connecticut Opera, a bevy of Jazz greats and many African artists, such as Kofo the Wonderman and Sheik Tediane Seck. www.ulimusic.com https://uligeissendoerfer.bandcamp.com/(discography) 

Pascale Elia

Belgian-born of musician parents, Pascale began singing at age six, studied at the Liège music academy, and debuted at 15 with theBig Band of Liège, soon blossoming with live performances, writing her own material and appearing on TV. Undeniably, Pascale is a jazz vocalist, but she also delves into Latin genres, French, pop/rock, contemporary and world styles for a unique touch and diversified sounds while also writing her own lyrics. In 2005, her path led to the USA. Based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, she sang and recorded with a vast array of renowned jazz and other artists and groups, as well as others in NYC before going to Japan for three years. In Los Angeles, she performed/recorded with jazz musician/composer /arranger Otmaro Ruiz (Diane Reeves, Frank Gambale, Simon Phillips, Carlitos Del Puerto Danilo Perez, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea and Jimmy Keegan (Spocks Beard, Santana,...). In Las Vegas, she performed with acclaimed headliner Clint Holmes and with jazzpianist Uli Geissendoerfer (Uli Geissendoerfer COLORS Quintet). In NYC, she appeared at Birdland as a Cast Party guest with pianist/ arranger Billy Stritch (Tony Bennett, Lisa Minelli). In Japan (2013-2015), she was a headliner at Repos (Kyoto) and theNew York Jazz Club (Park Hyatt, Tokyo). 2017 saw Pascale return to Belgium to form a new quartet with a colorful repertoire of revisited jazzstandards, originals and Brazilian music pieces. She recently released a new jazz album, “And Still We Dream.”


Initiative, Organisation                      

Mgr. Rudolf Mazač rudimazac@web.de 

BRD: +49 89 21 55 53 16            

Skype: rudimazac  





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